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Shaanxi Zhenbao Cultural Development Co., Ltd. [Tibet. Recommendation] column recommends art treasures selected by first-level appraisal experts to buyers for the powerful dissemination effect of the collection, which can bridge the gap between the collectors and let the value of the works of art be excavated and valued, and maximize the value of the works of art.

陕西臻宝文化发展有限公司【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐经一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让艺术品价值被发掘与重视,最大化体现艺术品价值。


[Name] Yongle Annual Style Blue Glazed Blue-and-white Fish-algae Plate

[Specification] Caliber: 173mm Bottom Diameter: 99.7mm

[Category] Porcelain

【名称】 永乐年制款风格霁蓝釉青花鱼藻纹盘

【规格】 口径:173mm 底径:99.7mm

【类别】 瓷器


The long river of history is surging, and there are some heroic stories in every era. With the passage of time, they are either sung or forgotten silently.The change of each dynasty and the rotation of emperors all hold the financial power and military power tightly.Each era will also have its own unique products, silent response to the social background and economic development at that time, or as luxurious as jade, or as gentle as painting and calligraphy.Only porcelain is luxurious but not luxurious, elegant but not vulgar.Open the door of history, decrypt the legendary "Yongle year style of making money blue glaze blue-and-white fish-algae pattern plate" in the Ming Dynasty Xuande years Jingdezhen imperial kiln factory fired blue-and-white porcelain, has an important position in the history of China's ceramic development, for China's blue-and-white porcelain heyday.It is famous for its simple and elegant shape, brilliant glaze color and colorful decorations. Compared with the blue and white porcelain of other periods in Ming Dynasty, its firing technology reached its peak and became one of the famous porcelain products in China. Its success has been praised as an unprecedented new generation. Recently, Shaanxi Zhenbao, a well-known trading center, was fortunate to collect a Yongle from Mr. Wu, a collector in Shaanxi Province.Annual style blue glaze blue-and-white fish-algae pattern plate.The fish in this blue-glazed blue-and-white tray swim among the algae happily and vividly, with a warm and natural look, which is very unique and rare.The picture panoramic decoration, complex but not disorderly, delicate and vivid.Blue and white color is rich and light, craftsmen are skilled, good at using cobalt blue color, rich and varied levels.Indigo skeleton painting, light blue color, to write the beautiful swimming fish.As for lotus leaves, cobalt blue is picked out with needles, white veins are exposed, and moss dots are added along the large leaf curvature. Skillful craftsmen or deliberately increase the blackness of their kilns to create the situation that the peak will wither and the summer will end in autumn.Make the whole dish both vivid and dignified and elegant, very artistic ornamental, worth collecting and enjoying.Blue glaze is also called indigo and indigo.In the past, the ancients paid special attention to blue glazed pottery when evaluating color glazed pottery. The reason is that blue glazed pottery is mostly high temperature glaze, which makes it difficult to fir. On the other hand, the raw materials of cobalt oxide used for firing blue glaze are scarce.Cobalt is the color agent of blue and white. When melted in glaze, cobalt blue glaze can be fired, and the color is very stable.But bright blue glaze, in addition to pure glaze color, still need a white matrix to contrast, in order to show the ideal glaze color of sapphire.Since the invention of high temperature cobalt blue glaze in Yuan Dynasty, glaze colors such as regeneration, sprinkling and sky blue appeared again in Ming and Qing Dynasties, which are brilliant and praiseworthy.This blue-glazed blue-and-white fish-algae pattern tray has mouth, fold edge, shallow abdomen and circle foot. The white glaze is lustrous and blue-and-white is elegant.The outer wall of the pan is decorated with twisted branches and lotus flowers, the mouth is painted with sea waves, and the center of the pan is painted with fish and algae patterns. In between, twisted branches and lotus patterns are used as decorations. The water and grass are shaking lightly, the water is rippling, the green duckweed floats, and the fish swim through them, creating a vivid and changeable view of the pond.Painted fish has a very important symbolic meaning in Chinese traditional culture. Fish is a Taoist mascot, symbolizing freedom and freedom.And fish and; Yu homonym, is more than rich, more than the meaning of successive years.This tray is elegant in composition, clear in glaze, exquisite in painting and rich in layers. It is unique in that it paints Pisces with drifting water and grass. Its shape is realistic and flexible, and its air is warm and natural.The folding waist is accompanied by twisted branches lotus and the seawater ripple along the folding edge, which makes the whole dish vivid and elegant, highly artistic and ornamental, and worth collecting and enjoying.With the advent of the era of color porcelain, fish-algae pattern, as a combination pattern, has been manifested in blue and white, colorful, pastel, bronze and other series of color porcelain, and it has become a folk cultural theme rich in auspicious implications.Real and lively realist themes are generally favored, which is also an important reason for the continuation of the fish-algae pattern.From ancient times to present, China is the world's most famous big country of porcelain. Sweet and white glaze, blue and white glaze red porcelain, blue and white porcelain, official kiln white porcelain and other famous, is the great and excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, is a milestone of the world's porcelain.Blue glaze is one of Chinese luxury goods. For thousands of years, porcelain has been transmitted to various countries through various trade channels.Especially the exquisite gemstone blue glazed pottery is regarded as an antique with collection value, and has been collected by a large number of collectors.If you have any intention of collecting this collection, you are welcome to come to our company for discussion or contact the marketing department.Publicity and promotion are indispensable to the transaction of a collection.Only by letting more Tibetan friends know the value of collections, can the collections play their due value.

历史的长河奔腾不息,每个时代都会有一些荡气回肠的英雄故事,随着时间的流逝,或被人千古传唱,或默默被人遗忘。每个朝代的变更,帝王的轮换,无不紧握着财政大权和军事大权。每个时代也会有自己独特的产物,默默的反应的当时的社会背景和经济发展,或像玉器一样华丽奢靡,或像字画那样温文尔雅。唯独瓷器华而不奢,雅而不俗。打开历史的大门,解密历史背后的传奇《永乐年制款风格霁蓝釉青花鱼藻纹盘》 明代宣德年间景德镇御窑厂烧造的青花瓷器,在中国陶瓷发展史上具有重要地位,为中国青花瓷之鼎盛时期。它以古朴、典雅的造型,晶莹艳丽的釉色,多姿多彩的纹饰而闻名于世,与明代其他各时期的青花瓷器相比,其烧制技术达到了最高峰,成为我国瓷器名品之一,其成就被称颂为开一代未有之奇,近日知名交易中心陕西臻宝有幸征集到陕西一名藏家吴先生一件永乐年制款风格霁蓝釉青花鱼藻纹盘。   
此霁蓝釉青花鱼藻纹花口盘,花口、折沿、浅腹、圈足,白釉莹润,青花淡雅。盘外壁装饰缠枝莲花,口沿绘海水波涛,盘心中央圆形绘鱼藻纹,间以缠枝莲花纹为饰,水草轻摇,水流潺潺,青萍漂浮,游鱼穿梭其间,一幅灵动变化的池塘景色。绘鱼在中国传统文化中有着相当重要的象征意义鱼是道教吉祥物,象征自由自在。并且鱼与;余同音,是富贵有余、连年有余的意思。此盘构图典雅,釉彩明净,绘画精美,层次丰富,盘心绘双鱼,并衬以漂动的水草,形态写实灵动,神态温怡自然,甚为独特难得。盘折腰处配以缠枝莲,折沿处配之海水波涛纹,使整个盘面既生动又不失庄重典雅,极具艺术观赏性,值得收藏赏玩。 随着彩瓷时代的来临,鱼藻纹作为组合式图案在青花、五彩、粉彩、古铜彩等各种彩瓷系列中都有所表现,并使之成为富含吉祥寓意的一种民俗文化题材。真实、活泼的现实主义题材受到普遍的青睐,这也是鱼藻纹得以传承延续的重要原因。 古往今来,我国都是世界上最著名的瓷器大国,甜白釉、青花釉里红瓷、青花瓷、官窑白瓷等闻名于世,是中华民族伟大而优秀的传统文化,是世界瓷器的里程碑。蓝釉作为中国特产奢侈品之一,千百年来瓷器通过各种贸易渠道,传到各个国家。特别是精美的宝石蓝釉瓷器,被视作具有收藏价值的古董,而受到大量收藏家争相收藏。如果有藏友对此藏品有收藏的意向,欢迎莅临本公司洽谈,或者与市场部联系。一件藏品的成交离不开宣传与推广!只有让更多的藏友知道收藏价值,才能使藏品发挥它应有的价值

This collection is now handed over to the Network Marketing Commissioner of Shaanxi Zhenbao Cultural Development Co., Ltd. for operation and promotion. Welcome to our company for appreciation and consultation. Collectors can get details through the major media and welcome to our company. If you want to purchase it, you can come to our company for consultation in advance.

此藏品现交于陕西臻宝文化发展有限公司网络市场部专员运作推广,欢迎各位莅临本公司赏析及协商,广大收藏家可以通过各大媒体以及欢迎 到公司了解详情,如需意向购买,提前办理好相关手续过来公司协商

Since its establishment, the Group has always adhered to the service principle of "openness, fairness, impartiality, honesty and trustworthiness", making the most solid propaganda, the top platform and enjoying the best service.

一件藏品的成交离不开广告宣传!本集团以自成立以来,始终秉承“公开,公平,公正,诚实,守信”的服务原则, 做最实在的宣传,上最高端的平台,享受最好的服务。

Special tips: (the above treasure holder entrusted us to sell in good faith, welcomed the consultation or bidding of collectors from all walks of life, the pictures are taken in kind, if there is any doubt, we can make an appointment to see in kind) Shaanxi Zhenbao Cultural Development Co., Ltd.